Monkey Craziness II offers some outstanding rewards
  • As being a Grandmaster quest, Monkey Craziness II offers some outstanding rewards. Here are a couple of the numerous rewards for completing Goof Madness II.

    Upon finishing Monkey Madness II you are going to gain access to an activity from which the constituents used to fletch ballistae can be acquired. Ballistae are slow, difficult hitting ranged weapons similar to Godswords and use javelins as ammunition.

    Also extracted from a post-quest activity, Zenyte shards can be used on an onyx to create RS gold Zenyte - a whole gem. Zenyte can be designed into jewellery to create a number of best-in-slot pieces of equipment:

    · Engagement ring of Suffering: a best-in-slot defensive ring.

    · Diamond necklace of Anguish: a best-in-slot ranged necklace which provides each ranged attack and power.

    · Tormented Bracelet: the best-in-slot magic bracelet which supplies both magic attack as well as damage.

    · Amulet associated with Torture: a best-in-slot melee amulet which provides stab, cut and crush attack along with strength bonus.

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