Why Smoke Cigarettes? 3 Logic Behind Why People Smoke and Why They May Be False
  • It almost seems common knowledge today that smoking is unhealthy for you. Why smoke cigarettes then? What benefit could there be to smoking? Though most smokers know the risk of their habit they will often have formed their own top reasons to continue smoking.

    Make no mistake that smoking is bad and negatively impacts every area of a smoker's life from their health on their finances. Once again, smokers know this but may have arrived at certain conclusions to justify continuing to smoke.

    Several of these reasons are usually not true and can make them continue smoking unnecessarily. Allow me to share three in the significant reasons that men and women still smoke and why they are certainly not true.

    Smoking Relaxes Me

    Many individuals continue smoking given that they feel smoking relaxes them. This is not true. In fact nicotine can be a stimulant and raises blood pressure level. Any relaxation the smoker feels whenever they illuminate is temporary and is only since they are giving themselves the nicotine is craves, which leads us to reason number two.

    I am just Obsessed with Nicotine

    A lot of smokers excuse themselves from trying to stop smoking cigarettes given that they believe these are just too dependent on nicotine to give up. The truth of the matter that the one thing that feeds the dependence on nicotine is smoking that next cigarette. The physical addiction to nicotine passes with under a week of giving up smoking. By now all of the nicotine has gone by right out of the smoker's system.


    It truly is Way Too Hard to give up Smoking

    Many people feel it is just way too hard to stop smoking. Maybe they already have tried to quit in the past and failed and feel they just do not have the "will power" to give up. Consider it by doing this, each day many people quit smoking. These are by no means stronger or possess more will power than someone else. There are so many different ways to support smokers kick their habit. Methods like NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming give smokers a particularly great chance of stopping smoking into their first, or next, attempt.

    Everyone knows smoking is harmful to them exactly why smoke? Cigarettes destroy your quality of life, your looks, and also your finances. Never succumb to the trap of justifying your habit. You will find no top reasons to smoke. Giving up smoking is the greatest decision you will make as part of your lifetime. Discover the help you need and give up smoking cigarettes, you deserve it.

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