Search Engine Marketing Techniques & Keyword Lookup
  • Today were going to teach you how to take a general category and break it on to a profitable niche market and then were going to show you how to locate your most specific keywords for that niche market. To begin with were not here to dog those that are currently showing you how to find a distinct segment market, applying Google or EBay are clever approaches to find possible niches and its better than guessing for accepting what people are looking for or want by guessing is just pure folly. But, through our research, Pam and I've found out that only half of the equation will be given and the other half of the equation that isnt being given may be the use of a keyword lookup instrument.

    Lets head to Keyword Discovery ( theyre just one of the resources out there that we like, there are numerous others this really is just one of them. Today, well go down seriously to the keyword field and enter a broad keyword that individuals need, well just go with boots. Then go down to the agreement field and fill in the letters and figures found, making remember that it's case sensitive. Then hit enter or press Search.

    At the top line, boots features a number of 268,750--now that number is for searches per month. Now, a lot of your keyword resources are going to vary on the numbers, for their reliability, but theyre all going to be in this general region, its just so that you can get an idea of what folks are looking for.

    So were planning to use boots, so if we could find a market for that keyword lets see. Lets review to Google, and in the Google search well enter shoes to see your competitors is. Ok, on the proper hand side, boots includes a opposition of 155,000,000. Today 155 million is large, thats a big number. Therefore, were planning to want to try to narrow this down a bit, to see if we could find a bit better of a market.

    So, lets return to our keyword software and lets find out whats going on under boots. Underneath boots the most seemed for keyword is ugg boots, not cowboy boots, or water boots. Uggs shoes could be the most sought after keyword today and it has a of 57,595 searches each month, which is a very good number. But, you can find two components to this formula.

    We want to see what your competition is. Therefore, in other words, no matter what your key term is and how many searches monthly, if the competition number is merely out of the water, like a million, you know you've a large competition there and it's probably better to discover a different type of market, a different type of matter, or different information to offer.

    But, ugg boots is just a very respectable term, its getting respectable visitors, so its worth further research. So, lets go over to Google and lets discover just precisely what the competition is. Allows key in ugg boots and see, which narrows it down quite a bit to 1,990,000, so fundamentally we've a number of two million for your competition which is very large. But if you keep it around a or less, you will get right into a great market condition. The hundreds of thousands are even better, probably 250,000 or even 150,000 that might be excellent figures because of this number of keyword searches per month (57,595). This staggering rank checker tool URL has several prodound aids for the reason for it.

    Therefore, we've ugg shoes but lets decide to try and tighten that up slightly better because we know that will continue to work for a distinct segment because its right across the one million mark and it does have a high research monthly number. Dig up more on the affiliated web resource - Browse this web page: best link building services. But, if we were going to use ugg boots lets determine what sort of keywords we can put in our website for search engine optimization. We have now our niche, allows get the most qualified keywords for that niche.

    So, well enter ugg boots in to Keyword Discovery and it introduces an outcome with the most truly effective search expression being ugg boots size 8 and it has a monthly search of 1,244. But, like I said, you can find two parts to the picture. Lets uncover what the competition is, therefore lets go back to Google and type in ugg shoes size 8.

    It brings up an effect with a far greater opposition bracket with only 238,000 for that key term. Obs

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