Attacking Play in Football
  • When attacking in football it is important to not have too many players up field leaving your objective ready to accept the opposition. When attacking its wise to have at the most 5 players attacking leaving 5 players returning to defend your objective.

    Different types of attacking play within Nhan dinh bong da hom nay can have various advantages but all have already been created to lead to a goal being scored.

    Types of attacking play in football are:


    Counter attacking play can be achieved consumption of when your team is defending. Once your team is defending be sure your forward players are around the halfway line and once you eventually get the ball you will discover options to have a through-ball to making a counter attack. This attacking play is really useful when defending a corner kick.


    Long Ball Play:

    The long ball type of play could be useful when there are actually no on-the-floor options for a player to work with. The long ball play is employed as being a gamble approach to attack but will have advantages if correctly done. By showing up in the ball in the field from defence or midfield anticipation is the fact that strikers will either latch into the hopeful pass or take advantage of any mistakes generated by the defenders.

    Wide Wing Play:

    The wings over a football pitch could be used to expand the opportunity presented to a team to attack their opposition. By spreading the ball wide you allow some other angle of attack and gives a variety of opportunities for your winger which is often to battle the fullback and drag central defenders away from position, cut inside and drive forward in an angle or supply a cross from for any strikers to attack.

    Set Plays:

    Set plays are very helpful for teams which might be losing as they give the team chances to overload the oppositions half to make an attack on goal. Teams which can be losing a game would like to exploit all types of set plays for instance free kicks, throw-ins and corner-kicks to hopefully come up with a break on goal.

    Set plays like free kicks tend to be performed with great skill by top premier league teams for example Arsenal Football Club.

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